A Letter From the Founder


"Fashion is an emotion

Fashion is a feeling of empowerment and confidence."

Fashion is an emotion. Fashion is a feeling of empowerment and confidence.

In late February of 2017, I was stuck at a crossroads in my personal life. After living a virulent two years in college, it left me with a hole. Having lost myself and my ambitions amidst the stress and chaos, it left me sitting there with one simple question: How do I find myself again?

And so began the search. Conversation with multiple peers lead me to discover, college has a way of deterring you, often losing yourself amongst the everyday stressors of young adulthood. So clearly, it is not just me who is drained and lost. The consensus was- we had no place to creatively thrive.  Which brought me to my next question: What is a way I can not only elevate my life of creation, but others? There was no platform for fashion students to get creative exposure at a state university in Southwest Missouri. Fashion is a topic left untouched. The conversation was nonexistent, only offering a “that is really cool” when a student learns you’re majoring in Fashion Design or Fashion Merchandising.


That is when Sartorial was born. I wanted to bring a platform to Missouri State to expose the creatives that dwell here. Our students work tirelessly in many areas, but the more creatives seem to be the least discussed. Fashion is so much more than clothing, fashion is how you live, it is culture, it is something that pushes you to do better everyday.

The resources are abundant, the fashion community is ever growing in Springfield, Missouri, and the Midwest as a whole. The only issue is tapping those resources, and I feel so strongly that Sartorial has found the perfect formula to keep the conversation around fashion alive. Being both the Founder and Editor-in-Chief, I hope that Sartorial gives creatives, students, and everyone alike to express themselves through the love of breathtaking imagery, creative direction with an unmatched level of drive and grit, and of course, fashion.

We are fashion, we are grit, we are ambition. We are Sartorial.



Drake Evans

Founder & Editor-In-Chief


Photography by Madeline Walker Photography

Drake Evans