Street Motion


"Rigid, unparalleled, and classic...

… streetwear is taking the fashion industry by storm, and allowing for men and women to reach a broader scope of style”.

The Midwest is bursting at the seams with creativity and passion and menswear is up and coming here in Missouri. From self-taught technical designers to designers that refashion pre-owned garments, the midwest is leaving its impact on the streetwear community. The special thing about streetwear, or any type of style you are going for, is that it’s about expressing your individuality.


For many, that means drawing inspiration from their day-to-day lives or even creating their own sense of individuality through something no one has ever seen before. Which, eventually leads to trends being created that generations after can choose to follow or become inspired by.

Alumni, Aaron Conway, created two collections that offered classic and elevated streetwear looks. His Junior collection represented comfort and style through the use of contrasting textiles and colors. You can see a variety of comfortable styles on the streets, and who doesn’t want to be stylish while also being able to wear joggers and a sweatshirt?

To easily elevate your style, you can take a pair of plain joggers, and pair them with a short sleeve sweatshirt with a hoodie. From that point, the last thing you need is a pair of shoes that make a statement or offer a sleek style.


In his Senior collection, Aaron went from classic street style to a more upscale, technical approach, and offered plenty of movement in his statement pieces. A big trend that has shown itself in street style is the overall. Whether, you’re wearing a corduroy or denim, overalls have brought itself back into our style.


Pairing a mock turtleneck sweater with a pair of overalls is a quick fashionable style for the day, and you can style your overalls even further by fastening only one strap and letting the other hang, or not even fastening either strap and securing the overall by using the straps as a belt. In Aaron’s overalls he created a classic distressed denim, and offered movement in his pieces with his fringe side seams. Easily making, anyone in these overalls a head turning in the streets of any city.


In the dynamic world of fashion, you have to be able to be able to keep up, or stay ahead of the crowd. In streetwear, your biggest statement pieces are going to be your outerwear, shoes, and prints. At the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2018 shows, the collections displayed broad shoulders and cinched waists. Walking the streets with subtle but bold colors and a minimalist shoe, black will continue to be a staple color for all streetwear, but this Spring you can find the use of lighter colors — oranges, light pinks, and tang yellows. Simplicity is stepping its way back into our avenues, and we’re ready for it.

Photograhy by Anthony Nam

Clothing Designs by Aaron Conway

Anthony Nam