Uniquely You

Clout-chase culture of Instagram has created an expectation that imperfections are intolerable. It is easy to lose yourself in this culture, becoming obsessed with the number of likes…

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Sartorial Magazine
Men Have Skin Too

Women have access to countless types of products while men are pushed to use 2 in 1 “simplifiers” that doesn’t cover all the bases. We have pushed men to believe that skin is just something that ages and you can’t do anything about it. However, you can perhaps add a couple years onto your looks by adding just a few minutes to getting ready.

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Emma Crosswhite
Keeping it Natural

Vegan, all natural, gluten free, keto. We all see these words in magazines or on social media pages. Maybe one of your favorite celebrities has even been seen using these products, so naturally we have to as well.

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Abbey Burns