The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade: Freedom Through Movement


The Studio by Jamie Kinkeade: Freedom Through Movement

By: Kezia Wesley

Most people would not equate working out to having fun, but Springfield’s newest fitness studio is here to change all of that for you.The Studio, located on Republic Road, offers many different fitness classes including JAM, Ignition, Buti, Hot Buti, TrseXy, Bad and Bungee, Feel Me Flow and more. These classes are perfect for those who hate working out, or your classic dancers, runners, yogis, and crossfit enthusiasts.

I had the opportunity to attend a JAM session, which they refer to as their ‘Night Club Fitness Experience’, it was amazing! I registered online at for only $7 and when I showed up for the class all I had to do was check in with the front desk receptionist. I would recommend showing up to the class 15 minutes early just so you can get checked in and find a spot in the studio. This is also the perfect time to mingle with others in the class.

The JAM classes consist of upbeat pop and hip hop music that will, without a doubt, get your adrenaline rushing and your sweat dripping once you start moving. JAM lasted about an hour and we danced to about 15 songs. Some of the songs included Level Up (Ciara), Kiss (Prince), and Move to Miami (Enrique Iglesias). JAM would be a great starter class because you don’t have to have any skill since you are just dancing. Even if you don’t have rhythm or you have a hard time catching on to choreography, just freestyle. It is all about keeping your body moving and having fun.

I would strongly recommend anyone to try out a class at The Studio. You are bound to have the time of your life! If you want to continuously go back, you can even sign up for one of their six membership packages. Enjoy!

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