Sagittarius Season



By: Morgan Carleton

The ninth sign of the astrological chart brings us the season of Sagittarius. A month of restless energy, a craving for freedom and a state of curiosity. You may find an urge creeping on you to pack your bags and hop on the next flight. This may be existing from a certain unsettled energy in a different area of your life.


Instead of leaving behind all your priorities, especially during the end of the semester, use that energy on yourself. The vibrant outlook you have at the moment is going to be a vital tool in your life if you use it wisely. Be a little selfish and see what areas of your life need attention and focus on them. Disperse this energy into things you’ve been needing to get done but have ignored, like clearing up clutter, finishing projects, and any other areas that need mended. '

However, if you cannot hide away from that freedom craze tapping on your shoulder then plan a weekend trip with some friends. It could give you that taste you were craving. This month is perfect for finding that self-expression you have been striving for, let that freak flag fly around for a bit and see what comes of it.

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