Libra Season


Written by Morgan Carleton

Once September 23 rolls around we will be entering the astrological season of the Libra, as well as the official beginning of autumn. As the leaves begin to change you can expect a change in your relationships. Instead of relationships crumbling like the leaves, they will blossom a little more than usual. 

Perhaps as the air gets cooler and summer is coming to a halt, people have an increasing desire to slow down and get cozy with another. However, Libra’s light energy brings a sensual urge to us all. Within this sensuality is balance and harmony, creating less stress in your loving relationships. 

Aside from the love-based desires that spark in your life, fall is a great time to focus on work. Not that romantic relationships do not deserve your attention, but it’s 2019. We are all about personal successes and rising up professionally. 

Taking some of the moments that you were willing to put towards others into yourself or your work would pay off greatly in this season. Your creativity will skyrocket. Plus, more effort in your work relationships could open doors to promotions or new connections. Work relationships are more valuable than you may think. As we are all inching closer to the end of our college careers you should begin networking as if it is second nature, and Libra season is the ideal time to begin to do so. 

Libra season is created for balance so do not feel that you need to pour every ounce of yourself into work or relationships. Now is a time where you can delegate your energy equally among all of life’s demands.

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