Men Have Skin Too

The beauty industry is finally beginning to break the boundaries by rebranding the importance of skincare on men like they have for years with women. Women have access to countless types of products while men are pushed to use 2 in 1 “simplifiers” that doesn’t cover all the bases. We have pushed men to believe that skin is just something that ages and you can’t do anything about it. However, you can perhaps add a couple years onto your looks by adding just a few minutes to getting ready. The fascinating thing about revitalizing your skin everyday is that it is customizable and can change at anytime. The basics to customizing a men’s skin care routine is a simple as knowing the answer these questions… when, with what, and how to make it fun.


It’s recommended to “cleanse your face twice a day- once when you get up in the morning and once in the evening before bed.”  according to Bioelements a professional skin care company. Although it is recommend that most importantly you wash it when it's needed. Skin care is not an exact science, because variables like profession, hobbies, and stress can dictate how often and with what you should use in a given skin routine.

Luckily for those that don’t already have a skin care regimen all you have to do is add it into your everyday habits. Travis B. explains that he practices his skincare routine in the morning after he wakes up “I wash my face in the shower with a Lush product called Kalamazoo.” The key is simplicity, for Travis it starts with the shower, for others it could even be setting it next to their toothbrush.

With What?

When beginning a skin care journey it can seem like a lot of information to learn, but is important to  make sure that you at least have the something that cleanses, tones, and hydrates the skin.

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The first step for many is cleansing. To some this seems like a fancy word for washing, but it’s more than just some hand soap and water. These products are great because you can find them for different skin types, light cleansers to deep cleansers, and they even come in different fragrances. Ryan E. says he uses Aveda products for just about all of his skin routine which are known for it’s easy access and benefits for sensitive skin users. Learning about cleansing is just realizing that you should start tailoring to your face rather than treating like the rest of your body.  Hopefully no one would put antifreeze in their gas tank, just like you shouldn’t wash your face with hand or body soap.

Toning,that commonly gets forgotten or neglected is the step of “... removing the dust, pollution, and impurities that can still be lingering after washing with a cleanser” according to Mila Moursi a skincare specialist. Other benefits include shrinking your pores and restoring the pH balance of your skin. For a natural and cheap alternative it’s suggested to use witch hazel as a toner. This can be found in countless different areas and it is an organic antiseptic.

Hydrating or better known as moisturizing is usually the final step. This gives back the hydration that cleansing and/or toning can temporarily take away from your skin. There are many types of moisturizers, but most come in a cream fashion and have SPF embedded to protect the skin.  Austin D. says that he uses a moisturizer called Hemp by Malibu. Which according to reviews “...not only moisturizes the skin but also firms it to reduce wrinkles.” Even with the benefits of hydrating your skin it mostly just feels really nice and protects all of the work you have done up until this point.

All of these steps have a variety of products that can be used to find a good match. Finding information on skin types and what makes your skin unique can be great starter to finding the right products.

How to make it fun?

It’s important to enjoy and reward yourself alongside the benefits of healthier skin. This is where you can personalize your routine even more to you.

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Have a beard, but does it get dry or irritated during certain times of the year?

Trying a beard oil might be a good addition. Travis adds a beard oil from Lush called R & B which adds moisture to the hairs as well as the skin under it.

Want to do less work and need some deep cleansing? Try getting a facial catered to your needs. If on a budget look for a local Cosmetology or Esthetician school and get a treatment for a fraction of the price. If not then local salons offer them everywhere and typically include a complementary shoulder massage. Facials are the perfect way to reward yourself with not having to do much of the work.

Face masks have grown in popularity due to the significant stress relief it can bring as well as the relaxing focus you are giving your face. They come in all types of ways some being clay, paper, and peel off. Cation with peel off masks they are not for the weak. “Me and my friends will buy face masks from target every once in a while” explains Ryan. With a face mask although you may feel ridiculous it’s one of the better things you can do for your skin.

No matter what gender having a clean and clear face is important. Start today and add something to your routine no matter how much you do.  Now go out there and age better than all of your friends.

Emma Crosswhite