Keeping it Natural

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Vegan, all natural, gluten free, keto. We all see these words in magazines or on social media pages. Maybe one of your favorite celebrities has even been seen using these products, so naturally we have to as well. In the beauty industry more and more companies are switching to vegan and all natural products.

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Usually with these name tags comes higher price points. The beauty team sought out and found three products that are all natural and at a reasonable cost. Here are the products, their price tags, and what we concluded!

1. Physicians Formula Natural Origin, Organic Wear Mascara: Walmart $7.97, Amazon $4.74

2. Love, Beauty, and Planet Mimosa Essential Hair Oil: Target $6.99

3. Pacifica Island Vanilla, Body Butter: Target $14.39, Pacifica $15

Beauty co-director, Abbey Burns, chose Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara. The ingredients in this product are 70% organic and better than other leading brands as they don’t use synthetic solvents. Another great bonus, the brush is 100% recyclable. “I really enjoyed this product as it leaves your lashes lusciously full and also helps the environment! This is a win win in my book. I also love this product because for being Earth friendly you don’t have to compromise on the cost. Thumbs up from me!” says Abbey.

Beauty co-director, Emma Crosswhite, tried out Love, Beauty, and Planet Essential Hair Oil. The company makes the bottles from all recycled material. They are currently working on making the pump and cap from recycled materials as well.  Emma said the product helped with split ends and smoothing wild hairs, but for those who love volume to last until night, this may not be your best choice. Whether you like this product or not, Mother Earth sure does and that’s a plus in our book.

Beauty assistant, Ashley Cornforth, tried out Pacifica Body Butter and gave thoughts on the product and whether to buy it. “Keeping my skin smooth is not the easiest thing to do. I have to find the right product that actually works with my skin and keeps it moisturized all day. After trying the Pacifica Body Butter in Island Vanilla I have had smoother skin since using the product. I usually put on the body butter after my shower in the morning. The scent of Vanilla Island lasts all day, not to mention it made my body look silky and soft. I enjoyed this product, at 8oz. for $15 I would say its an investment to make, knowing that other brands are having 13.5oz. for $5. I believe it's worth the money as it is organic, 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free (who doesn't love the animals!) and it keeps your skin glowing all day long.

Abbey Burns