College Hair Hacks

Waking up late for class or just not feeling in the mood to do your hair is something I go through every day. With these three simple and totally cute hairstyles you will be going out looking like you spent hours on your hair when you only spent five minutes. Here are some of my favorite looks. To achieve these looks you will need bobby pins, small pony tails, and strong holding hairspray. Check out our favorite products through Pacifica!

  1. Braided Headband

  • Step 1: Pull crown back and fasten with a small rubber band to keep back of hair smooth.

  • Step 2: Start braid on whichever side you choose. Dutch braid around your head, keeping braid close to your hairline. We recommend to do a dutch braid but you may do a fancy braid such as a fishtail, rope, or stay simplistic such as a french. Finish the braid off with a ponytail.

  • Step 3: Pull end of braid and secure with bobby pin along the line of braided headband.

  • Step 4: Loosen braid by gently pulling on each section, you may pull out pieces of hair to curl.

  • Step 5: Use hairspray and secure any pieces that feel loose.

  1. Faux Bob

  • Step 1: Section off half of your hair by beginning with the crown. Start behind ear and make straight part from one ear to another. Tie hair up so it is not in your way.

  • Step 2: Start a french braid from one ear moving towards the other side of your head, then rubber band the braid when finished. Take down tied up hair.

  • Step 3: Loosely curl all of hair. Gently brush curls out for a smooth look.

  • Step 4: Tuck hair under to length of bob desired and secure with pin. Move along hair keeping same length and securing as you go.

  • Step 5: Comb out any stray pieces for a sleek look. Hairspray when finished.

  1. Sleek Pony

  • Step 1: You may loosely curl or straighten your hair for this look. Brush all hair towards back and tease crown to desired volume. Lightly comb out tease to be smooth.

  • Step 2: Leave small section at bottom of hairline to finish ponytail. Pull hair into low pony and secure with a ponytail. Take bottom section left out and wrap around band to give a chic finish.

Videography: Kellen McCoy

Hairstylist: Alicia Munguia

Model:  Chloe Sanders


Clouds by Joakim Karud
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Abbey Burns