Inside Lucid Living

Streetwear can be sourced from a variety of places. For some, that may be a local thrift store, an online retailer, or even recycled fashion. After the perfect piece is found, you can either throw that new piece on and start your day, or even take that piece and refashion it into something that screams, you.


"I think that the overall message that Lucid Living brings is easily relatable to other people's lives."


That’s what St. Louis based designer, Connor Jordan, did when he brought Lucid Living Clothing to life. He told us, “I started designing so that people could purchase quality items for a reasonable price”. Quality isn’t defined by the price tag. Lucid Living embodies classic street wear with its distressed denim pieces and its custom print t-shirts. Taking a classic denim jacket and refashioning it with embellishments, a new lining, or even distressing the original garment can help make for the perfect finishing touch.


Connor does a mixture of flat pattern work to take thrifted items and refashion them into new pieces for his clients. For him, Lucid Living aims to make people aware that no matter what situation they come from, they can make their dreams a reality. Which was true for Connor, when he had his grand opening for his store in St. Louis, on November 26, 2017. He was able to sell forty t-shirts and four pairs of jeans, and was able to make connections with people throughout the day. Hoping to use those connections to be able to take his      


streetwear out of Missouri and expose his work to bigger cities.

We asked Connor what some of his staple streetwear pieces are, he said, “A denim jacket is a must, I think a denim jacket can be used in so many ways. It can be  layered with a hoodie, flannel, or a logo tee”. Everything can be seen in his own personal style, that he calls his. People are able to wear the same outfit, but you can always see a piece of their own personality shining through. If you are looking for a piece of streetwear, whether that be, jackets, t-shirts, or jeans, Lucid Living Clothing offers an opportunity of quality, personality, and reasonable pricing.

Q. How much did you end up selling at your grand opening?

A. I ended up selling just over 40 shirts and 4 pairs of jeans while making some really cool connections with people that were around the store for the day and night.


Q. Do you plan to expand Lucid Living out of Missouri?

A. Of course, I think that the overall message that Lucid Living brings along with the clothing, is presented to make it easily relatable to other people's lives. I plan on starting in the states, maybe going to both of the coasts and Chicago and then see what an international business would look like.


Q. What kind of streetwear trends are you currently seeing, and what trends do you think well be seeing in the future?

A. Right now I see a steady movement of shoes being the thing that everyone wanted. Now it seems like clothes are reselling for a lot of money with some of the bigger brands. I see a lot of layering aspects of clothing and everyone kind of having their own twist on combining multiple brands into one, to kind of making it their own. In the future I can see a large  amount of brands becoming smaller and shoes kind of dying off, but I can also see streetwear and kind of everything we know about it just fade away throughout time. People learn as they grow up that quality needs to be a part of clothing, shoes, and just about everything that you wear and use on an everyday basis. With that being said, people realize that some of the biggest streetwear brands don't use a lot of quality, they don't put a lot of time into making the clothes if they are the one making the product in general. So as time goes on I can see big brands having a lot more to offer than just streetwear. I see "basic" looks making it a lot farther down the line and be appreciated more and more as time goes on.


Q. What are some of your go to brands and styles?


A. My favorite brands are Off-White, YSL, Gucci, and Fear of God. With that being said, I like V-Lone and other UK brands a lot because they are pretty mainstream and are definitely seen on a lot of people nowadays with the amount of hype that surrounds those brands. They all have inspired me to do what I do with my clothing and how I dress in general. I think for styles though, it really depends on where I'm going and who I will be around. I can definitely wear distressed jeans, a layered t-shirt or logo tee under a flannel literally almost everyday of my life, but if I know I'll be around a lot of people that do know a lot about clothes and will actually appreciate what I am wearing, maybe I will throw on one of my V-Lone or Off-White shirts just because I know it could be picked out of a crowd. The brands I dress myself in might not always be the hyped up, but they will definitely be up to quality and still be able to be a mainstream look. I appreciate brands for quality and look more than I do just a name.


Q. Describe your personal style in one word and elaborate.

A. My Style is MINE. The reason I used this word is because everyone has their own style, their own swag. People are even capable of wearing the same exact thing and it looking completely different or it was just received as different. There are so many of the same kind of people out their in this world, but I am my own, unique individual so the way I dress myself to the music I listen to and the inspirations I have, there is just a twist to it compared to the next guy. Therefor, my style is MINE.


Q. What is your vision for Lucid Living?

A. My vision for Lucid Living is to make people aware that no matter what situation you come from you can make your dreams a reality. I started to design so that people would be able to purchase quality items for a good price while also spreading my message that I think pretty much anyone can relate to.



Photography by Laynie Henning