Student Spotlight: Sarah Gorden

Classic with an edge - your 90’s girl taking on the trials of adulthood is exactly how student designer, Sarah Gorden, would describe her design aesthetic.

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“I think fashion is a way to speak without using your words”.


Gorden is a sophomore here at Missouri State pursuing a degree in Fashion Design and Product Development. Hailing from the west coast, then moving to Kansas City, she learned from her mother who taught her basic sewing skills starting at a young age. Her love for fashion has always been apparent, she recounts, always dressing up in crazy outfits which led her to develop her signature style.  “I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember, my mom taught me when I was 10 years old”.

Gorden draws a huge part of her design inspiration from her mother, who has been her biggest support and mentor from the day she discovered her love for fashion design. She also finds a likeness with brands like Chanel, who express a level of timelessness with classic silhouttes. “I try to stay away from doing things that are solely trendy. I like sticking to a classic style but putting my own edge on it”, she said. “I think fashion is a way to speak without having to say anything. I think it is so cool to be able to just a look at someone and see what they have to say about themselves. It truly allows people to be their true, individual selves”.


When discussing the future of fashion and the oversaturated fashion market, Gorden sees it as an opportunity for self expression, “Some people say that fashion has been dead for awhile, with fast fashion becoming a major player in the industry. However, I think it is very much alive. With these rapid changes happening, it is giving more choices and has became more of an outlet for everyone to find their true sense of style without the constraints of social normativity”.

We had a chance to ask the designer some of your favorite fashion questions and get her best advice on fashion right now.

Q. What is your favorite trend happening right now?

A. Bodysuits - they started as a trend but seem to have made their way into every girls’ closet and become a staple piece.

Q. What is your go to piece?

A. A statement pair of shoes (she says, wearing pink and purple suede Fenty X Puma sneakers)

Q. Trend you hope to see die?

A. There are honestly so many- the maximalism of over styling - for example a patched out denim jacket, with the destroyed jeans, with the fishnets underneath - it's just doing so much and its best to more simplistic at times.

In the future, Sarah Gorden hopes to study abroad in Milan and shortly thereafter travel the world and absorb all of the creative inspiration she can. Check out her Instagram here.

Photography by Madeline Walker Photography 

Creative Direction by Drake Evans

Makeup by Kelly White

Hair by Alix Jonusas