Midwest Grit

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Midwest Grit

Written by Sidney Young

Styled by Anthony Nam & Sidney Young

Photography by Eleyah Slavens

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What’s it like to live in the Midwest? Are the jokes about being overly friendly, saying “ope” more than necessary, and weather going from sunny and 60 to below freezing in one day true? Oh, you bet. But don’t get me wrong, the Midwest has its perks. Cheap living, stress free lifestyle, and welcoming communities are just a few. Growing up in the Midwest, you had to make your fun.

There weren’t any day trips to big cities, any mountains to hike, or even a road busy enough to set up a lemonade stand. So, what did we do? Midwest people are dreamers, they’re hard workers, they’re ambitious, and imaginative.

We had to be, to have any fun being kids. But what it really made us out to be in the end, were the people with grit.

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