Men’s Fashion Dos & Donts: Simple Ways to Feel New & Improved

Written by Hunter Keys, Baylee Seymour, and Zandria McCombs

Are you someone who doesn’t know how to improve their fashion sense or even simply look aesthetically pleasing for yourself? For most guys, the trick is to complement a standard fashion look with a touch of personal style. That personal touch may be your socks, a certain style of shirt, a brand you prefer, or even just a hat. Whatever that personal touch is, make sure it makes you feel confident and not something that overwhelms you and makes you feel insecure or out of place. Confidence really is the key to fashion.


1.The first “do” that seems to go unnoticed, but is important no matter what style you are going for is matching a belt with your shoes. For example, if you wear black dress shoes it makes sense that you would not wear a brown belt but a matching black or grey one instead. If you are wearing colorful street shoes wearing a black belt or one that is the primary color of your shoes will make you seem like you’re all about details! What you can also do is match the belt with your shoe laces. If you have brown shoes and put red shoelaces in them, then a matching red belt would be a good way to add that personal touch.

2. The second “do” is to wear more colors! Try different colors other than black, white, grey, or school colors. Even though those colors definitely pop on their own, finding a color that isn’t tasteless and over the top for a certain occasion is not as hard as it seems. If you are struggling with how to improve your fashion, need something new, or are looking for that personal touch, we recommend playing with complimentary colors like yellow and purple, red and green, or orange and blue.

3. Our third “do” is Denim! Denim! Denim! Denim is classic and a way to really upgrade a look. It can be worn as business casual or even just to go out and run errands. It can almost go with any color or style too. Denim is also a good item because there are so many different colors and shades of it. If you are wearing a denim jacket with jeans, it is semi important that those denims are the same color and shade, but we don’t disapprove mix and matching either.

4. Fourth “do” is to get a suit! I know this may not be the cheapest way to stand out, but if the occasion is right, a well tailored suit will make all the difference in your look and confidence. Notice I said “well tailored.” It’s fine to occasionally get that random vintage looking suit jacket while thrift shopping, but everybody needs a jacket that fits them to a T. You can really tell a difference when a suit actually fits as it should. Spending the extra cash on a suit that is truly yours makes all the difference.1.


1. First of all, this may go without saying, but flip flops with socks, in the rain, in the cold, or really any other time you are not on the beach or by some body of water is a hard no. Flip flops is footwear that goes with swimwear and shorts. So do not wear flip flops with jeans. If it’s cold enough to wear jeans it’s too cold to wear flip flops. Period.

2. Deep V-necks. A simple 1-2 inch V neck never hurt anyone, but once you go lower than that you’re pushing the limits so just don’t do it.

3. Choosing the right style of sunglasses for your face and occasion is important. Sporty types of glasses being worn when a sport is not involved is like wearing cleats to the mall. It just doesn’t make sense.

4. Jorts. I get it, you have all these jeans when summer comes around and your broke self just cuts the jeans. Perfect. Just make sure you cut no lower than the knee. Capris jorts are a super don’t.

5. Bedazzled or jeweled jeans. Never should you ever. We do not want men looking like they’re wearing a pair of Miss Me jeans. Plain jeans are the way to go but if you must have something on your butt, at the most it should just be stitching.

6. Just like sunglasses, wearing athletic socks for a non-athletic occasion should not be a thing. Athletic socks do not go with dress shoes. It is okay to wear socks without a brand label though.

7.Tennis shoes don’t go with everything. Invest in a pair of nicer shoes such as dress boots, Vans, Chucks, ect. to go with your casual outfits.

Even though fashion may seem uniform or you find dressing stylish to be difficult, there are plenty way to find that personal touch. Above all, just make sure your clothes fit and that you’re comfortable. Fashion should be your own preference while keeping up with the trends. You just need to make sure you are you while being as fashion-forward as possible.

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