The Inside to Interior Design


Inside to Interior Design

Written by Morgan Carelton

Photos courtesy of Colby Kern

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Art surrounds our world, whether we realize it or not. Interior design is no step back from that. The spaces you spend your time are created through one’s individuality, and that is art. Colby Kern is an interior designer that has perfected this gift. Lucky for us, he allowed us to pick his brain of where he began, his inspirations, and where he intends to go.

As you can see, Kern has a certain modern appeal to his home with a touch of ageless class. He says, “My goal is to find the harmony in all things, to create a space that tells a story.”  That is an interesting concept, instead of designing with what matches what, create a story that flows among your home. Kern also told us how different art and cities are his biggest influences. He says that the 1980’s art scene in New York City, when artists could make a name for themselves, is very influential to him. “There was something very raw and honest about that art scene.”

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Kern only began designing 5 years ago, although you would assume he has been doing this for his life (and maybe others before). Kern’s grandmother was not a designer but he said, “She always had the most beautiful homes and a sharp eye.” She was a big influencer in his work by teaching him of the design process when he was young. Kern began his career when he was hired on spot by Nathan Taylor and J. Kent of Obelisk Home.

While designing a space Kern likes to mix old vintage pieces, from findings in antique stores, with newer, higher-end pieces. “It’s a lot like fashion - you can find things almost anywhere at all price points, but the most effective outfits are the ones that mix high and low-end pieces.”, he says. Paying for one pricey item to tie in the cheaper antique items can help create a unique space in your own home and give it character. When searching for his treasures his top places to turn to are antique stores, Kelly Wearstler and Obelisk Home. Kern says a staple piece in his own home is original art, something that he connects with, “Art that you connect with is very important, we all have a different pallet, so find the art that speaks to you”.


In the future, Kern would like to have his own design studio and retail store. He also plans on relocating to New England or possibly Connecticut, “They’re perfectly situated between New York City and Boston where there’s tons of design opportunity. Plus I love that part of the county. Fingers crossed!” Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for Colby Kern as he is just in the beginning of his interior designing journey, and maybe take some tips from him for our own homes.

Check out the full gallery of Colby’s loft below!

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