It Is Now

What is now? Now is all around you. It is the moment in which you are reading this and it will change every second of every day. The issue with “the now” is that people forget the simplicity of it and how much more at ease your life can be when living in it.

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In the midst of a busy day focusing on the small areas of life is a crucial thing. Take a moment to look around you and soak in your surroundings, no longer thinking about the superficial aspects. By becoming engaged in the rest of the world and not just your own struggles, you can find that inner peace of living in the moment. However, life is not always having the chance to keep your mind focused on the ‘now’, instead, other situations occur that can change our mood quickly and take us out of the present.

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These toxic moments in our life appear when we become too engaged in something that has not evolved yet. Of course, you should be focused on the future, but you shouldn’t allow it to consume you. Being in touch with your present self is crucial. Maybe that means silencing the thundering craze of social media for a few hours or going to hang out with friends. The pressures of everyday issues can build and cause your state of mind to no longer be in the present moment. With that being said, try to find positivity in the grey areas. When you just can’t seem to deal with the challenges, make a list and decide on solutions that will help you bring clarity in the moment.

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Make your present self what you have always imagined it to be and don’t allow the image to get too complicated. Life is more than your due dates, your social media and responsibilities. Take the things you admire and let them consume you.  Being in the now creates moments that make you feel at peace. Without savoring these moments, or your now, you are missing out on the tranquility that life can be.

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Written by Morgan Carleton and Kezia Wesley

Photography by Tondaleigha Jones

Graphic Design By Cailey lochert

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